expands its reach and becomes available in eight additional languages

Salzgitter, Germany –, one of the largest bowling stores in Germany since 2007, is pleased to announce its expansion into eight new language markets. In addition to German, the website is now also available in Dutch, Italian, French, English, Czech, Swedish, Polish and Danish.

Since its inception, has been dedicated to providing bowling enthusiasts with the best possible selection and quality of bowling shoes, bowling balls and bowling accessories. With this expansion, we will now reach even more bowling fans around the world.

“We are very excited to offer these eight new language versions of our website,” says the CEO of “This move allows us to share our passion for bowling and commitment to quality products with an even broader global community.”

The new language versions open up access to some of the most passionate bowling communities in Europe. For example, the United Kingdom has a long history of bowling dating back to the 19th century. Bowling is also very popular in countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, where it is practiced intensively at both amateur and professional levels. In Italy, France and Poland, interest in bowling is also growing. The Czech bowling community, although relatively young, is vibrant and growing rapidly.

With the launch of the new language versions, will be able to better serve these communities and offer them a diverse range of bowling products. It will be exciting to enter these new markets and build closer relationships with bowlers from all over Europe.

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Since 2007 is one of the leading online stores for bowling accessories in Germany. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of bowling products and are committed to excellent customer service. Our goal is to enhance the bowling experience by providing high quality products while making this wonderful sport more accessible to people everywhere.

The sport of bowling in Europe: a look at England, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Poland.

The sport of bowling has spread around the world and in each country it has undergone a unique development. In Europe, England, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Poland each have their own peculiarities in terms of bowling.

In England, bowling became popular as early as the 19th century, mainly in the form of lawn bowling. Today ten-pin bowling is widespread and there are numerous professional and amateur leagues that hold regular competitions.

France has a rich bowling tradition. The French Bowling Federation (FFBSQ) promotes the sport throughout the country and organizes national and regional championships. French bowlers regularly participate in international tournaments and often show impressive skills.

In Italy bowling is rather a newer sport, but its popularity is growing fast. There are modern bowling alleys in many cities in Italy and the Italian Bowling Federation actively promotes the development of the sport.

Denmark has a thriving bowling community. The Danish Bowling Federation was founded in 1962 and since then has steadily promoted the popularity of bowling in the country. Danish bowlers are known for their technical precision and have often achieved good rankings in international competitions.

Bowling is very popular in Sweden. The Swedish Bowling Federation, Svenska Bowlingförbundet, was founded in 1940 and has more than 100 member clubs. Swedish bowlers have an impressive record in international tournaments and have won several world championships.

The Netherlands has an active and engaged bowling community. The Dutch Bowling Federation, NBF, was founded in 1962 and organizes a number of leagues and tournaments to promote the sport of bowling in the country.

In the Czech Republic, the sport of bowling is relatively new, but its popularity is growing rapidly. The Czech Bowling Federation, ČBF, was founded in 1993 and since then has done much to raise awareness and enthusiasm for the sport.

Poland has a growing bowling community. The Polish Bowling Association, PBA, was founded in 2002 and has actively promoted the growth and development of bowling in the country.

Overall, it shows that the sport of bowling in Europe is diverse and dynamic. Each of these countries brings its own unique strengths and characteristics to the sport, helping to make the European bowling community an exciting and competitive arena.

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